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Life In The Clear Lane

Ever feel like you're moving at a snails pace during the day? Everyone else is passing you by with more energy, more vitality and more health... like they're cruising in the fast lane of Life while you chug along in…

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Stuck In A Subluxation

Getting stuck in a rut is an inconvenient thing. Without adequate traction, you end up spinning your wheels in a muddy trench, going nowhere fast until someone tows you into the clear. When your Nerve System gets stuck in a…

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Knock On Your Spine.

Some people think wellness is a matter of luck - as if you hit the genetic lottery with a great immune system, perfect organic function and loads of energy. Actually, you don't have to knock on wood to be healthy...…

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Innate And The Three Bears

Remember the lead character in Goldilocks and the Three Bears? She didn't settle for too hot, or too cold – too hard, or too soft. She kept trying until she found what was JUST RIGHT. When it comes to fighting…

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Effects Of Daily Stresses

Everyday we see patients who are experiencing a new pain in their low back or neck. They also state that they "didn't do anything" to cause it or "I just bent over". Neither of which should leave the patient with…

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