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Discs and Dougnuts

Jelly donut disc

Step on the edge of a jelly doughnut and the lopsided pressure will cause the inner contents to ooze out the opposite side… it’s basic physics. The jelly flows away from high pressure to low pressure, leaving an uneven distribution in the middle of the donut.

Spinal discs also contain a softer gelatinous type material (albeit not jelly) that responds to pressure gradients. The Nucleus Pulposis, surrounded by annular fibrous rings, makes up the middle portion of spinal discs and also responds to sustained, uneven pressure. What the lay public refers to often as a ‘slipped disc’ is actually an irritated disc that has been subjected to lopsided spinal alignment over time, causing uneven pressure and loss of structural integrity. Crooked spines squish ‘jelly discs’ – leading to bulges, herniations and ultimate failure.

With the appropriate Chiropractic care, spinal distortions which result from bad postural habits can be reduced and reversed, easing this lopsided pressure that squishes healthy discs to ruin. If you’re suffering from chronic disc problems, getting back in alignment FIRST could possibly save you from more risky, invasive procedures.

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