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Is This Life Support

251K Dead

There are still some MD’s who get into a tizzy when they find out their patient is seeing a Chiropractor. “Don’t let them touch your neck!” is the tongue lashing you’ll hear before trying to exit the exam room with some sense dignity left. Well, here’s a news flash…

Another study has emerged spotlighting the dangers of MEDICAL intervention. Turns out, according to a recent 2016 BMJ Study, medical care in the US accounts for 251,000 deaths per year – making it the 3rd leading cause of death behind #1 heart disease (661K) and #2 cancer (585K). And you can bet your bottom dollar that most of #1 and #2, with the tackle box of prescriptions the average American consumes, are iatrogenic as well. When you put the safety of Chiropractic up against modern medicine, any honest doctor will tell you the competition isn’t close.

According to their own research, the odds of walking away healthier from the medical system than when you first entered are not good. You’re far safer walking in and out of a Chiropractor’s office. Instead of putting people on life support, Chiropractors are the ones supporting LIFE.

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