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Below is important information on caring for your spine while doing things you do everyday.  Each blurb below contains a link to a printout that can be viewed and used to do thing such as check your families posture at home, obtain the correct sleep position, learn how to lift correctly and more.

  • If you do not already have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, Click Here to download.
  • Download any of the informational sheets to your computer to be reviewed or printed.


Home Posture Check

A home posture check is a very easy thing to do in your own home.  The form below will walk you through the exact procedure so that you are comfortable with your findings and will have fewer errors.  If you find any postural changes in yourself, your family or your friends it is recommended that they be checked by trained chiropractors such as the doctors at Tinius Chiropractic Center.

Home Posture Check Sheet


Proper Sleep Position

A proper sleep position is important in the care of your spine.  Many of us spend between six and ten hours sleeping.  If we spend that time in a cramped or twisted position your spine and muscles that support it will leave you feeling sore and achy.  This downloadable form will walk you through the proper sleep position for sleeping on your side or on your back as well as give pointers on the correct pillow for your sleep position.

Ergonomic Sleeping Positions Sheet



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