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Effects Of Daily Stresses

Effects Of Daily Stresses


Everyday we see patients who are experiencing a new pain in their low back or neck. They also state that they “didn’t do anything” to cause it or “I just bent over”. Neither of which should leave the patient with severe pain.

Every action or activity you do each and every day is a type of stress on the body. Some can be good for the body and some can be bad. The bad ones don’t always cause you pain or discomfort immediately. Sometimes small stresses accumulate and become bigger stresses that, then do cause problems. Similar to the saying “the straw that broke the camels back”. It wasn’t that one single straw but the weight of all the straw together that caused the problem.

We want our patients to be aware of the stresses they encounter throughout the day. Whether its the position you sleep in, how you sit in your car on your drive to work, the job you perform, your exercise routine or your lack of exercise – it matters. So does the food you eat and your mental state including how you feel about your family and job.

There are many ways to decrease the effect these stresses play on the body.  Chiropractic care greatly reduces physical stress on the body but will also allow the body itself to better deal with chemical and emotional stresses you encounter. Eating less processed foods, not smoking, and avoiding pesticides and chemicals in food are all ways to decrease chemical stresses you encounter. A regular exercise program can counteract negative physical stress from a job. There are many other tips and tricks around for managing stresses in life.

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