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Hammering A Subluxation

Hammering A Subluxation

Subluxation Hammer

If you hit your thumb with a hammer, with a little TLC and time, it will heal. But if you insist on hitting that same thumb over and over again, despite the best therapeutic efforts, the healing won’t ‘take’ because of the repeating trauma.

Likewise, it’s common for patients to have recurring vertebral subluxations (mis-alignment of spinal segments that lead to nerve irritation) even after receiving the best Chiropractic care. In many situations, it’s not the care in the Chiropractor’s office that is lacking, but the repetitive Lifestyle habits OUTSIDE the office that becomes the causative offense. For example: You get adjusted, go home and fall asleep on the couch – then RESUBLUXATE… Or you get adjusted, go home and eat garbage food – then RESUBLUXATE… The resubluxating cycle will continue as long as you fail to stop ‘hammering your thumb.’

Life generates enough subluxating stress without you adding to it. If you’re not holding your adjustments well, maybe something in your lifestyle needs to be addressed. Discuss it with your Chiropractor so the insulting, repetitive ‘subluxator’ can be isolated.

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