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Squat Like A Toddler

Squat Like A Toddler

Toddler Squatting

If you ever want to observe perfect biomechanics, watch a toddler pick up a toy from the floor. You’ll never see them bending over, moaning in agony like an old man. They drop their hips, maintain a perfect center of gravity while lowering themselves, then pop right back up with the ease of an Olympic lifter.

Interestingly enough, they never attended an ‘ergonomics’ class to acquire such perfect form. Their little bodies are innately designed to do it – and at one time in your life, your body worked like that too. You were able to lift, bend, sit, walk, run, sleep and with perfect, innate biomechanics. But somewhere along the way, your body picked up bad habits and compensated movements that now create pain and physical limitations in your daily Life.

If PAIN is your body forgetting how to line up and move the way it was originally designed to, HEALTH is the return to the original blueprint. If you want to get your Life back, remind your body how it was meant to function. Sounds like the perfect job for a Chiropractor.

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