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When Entropy Wins.

Entropy car

A gradual decline to disorder – this is the law of entropy, where exposure to external forces without protective resistance leads to
break down.  Leave a classic car exposed to the elements without protection and it eventually rusts to nothing.  In the absence of appropriate effort, things tend to fall apart.

Your spine is no different.  The wear and tear it experiences from normal activities of daily living is expected.  Even gravity negatively affects order within your body.  In Chiropractic, it’s called a subluxation (mis-alignment, fixation and dysfunction spinal joints with aberrant neurological effects), and if the appropriate effort (an adjustment) is not provided over time, entropy wins and your health loses.

So what’s the solution? If you eat, you’re going to get plaque on your teeth – so brush.  If you LIVE, you’re going to get subluxations in your spine – so get adjusted.  It’s that simple.

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