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For a long time, many people thought chiropractors only helped patients with bad backs. What they didn’t realize was that the nerves traveling down the spinal column go to every organ and cell in the entire body. For back pain only? When a spinal bone (vertebra) is out of alignment, it can interfere with the normal flow of life energy through nearby nerves. If the affected nerve happens to be carrying a message to the liver, the function of the liver can be altered. If the nerve is taking instructions from the brain to the heart, that organ’s function may be upset. The fact is, the health of every part of the body depends on the proper flow of nerve energy. If that normal flow is interrupted or interfered with, the result is dis-ease. Some part of the body will not be able to function at peak performance. Chiropractors locate misalignments in the vertebrae, called subluxations. Chiropractors use spinal adjustments to correct these subluxations. When the bones are allowed to go back to their proper positions, the nerve energy can resume its normal flow. Only then can the body continue its natural effort to maintain optimum health.

Many people suffer needlessly because they do not understand the tremendous benefits of chiropractic care. Patients who have had long term chronic conditions often report relief or alleviations of their condition and that they feel better than they have felt in years.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, give chiropractic a chance to help you regain or maintain your health.

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