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Congruency Points

Congruency Points

walk the talk

When was the last time you went to a doctor who said “here take these drugs because I use them myself and they make me healthier” or “here’s a new shot for your kids, I’m not certain of the side effects, but I gave it to all mine because the pharmaceutical rep said it was good for them.” Even when it comes to flu vaccines, the TV MD may say it’s OK on camera, but behind the scenes they won’t dare push it on their own family members.

When it comes to the care we provide, Chiropractors earn top congruency points. The care we suggest for you, we actually do for ourselves and our families first. Getting adjusted regularly to keep our own nerve system clear so we can function to our potential, CHECK. Making sure our own family members get analyzed and adjusted more often during times of stress, CHECK. Recognizing that symptoms are the body’s attempt to fix itself, and not succumbing to the false promise of relief and comfort touted by mainstream medicine, CHECK.

Ask yourself, who would you rather trust with your health, someone who clearly walks the talk or or the guy who simply talks? Your Chiropractor has every confidence in the Power that made our bodies, to heal our bodies – we encourage you to Live the same way.

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