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Fight For Yourself

Fight For Yourself

Keep Calm Adjustment

It’s that time of year again. Lines will soon form outside of every corner prescription retailer. The water cooler conversions about ‘getting your shot’ will become more common place. It’s flu season – so let the fear begin.

If you pay close attention, you’ll discern the patronizing message behind Big Pharma’s campaign during the up coming (and likely worst yet) flu season. You’re not smart enough – follow our commercials… You’re too weak – trust our shots… Your body doesn’t stand a chance of making it by itself – depend on our pills and potions. NOTHING about your body’s innate ability to adapt to its environment. NOTHING about the intimate relationship between neurology and immunology. NOTHING about how capable you truly are of getting through the ‘season’ on your own.

Don’t let the flu season fear mongers bully you into thinking you’re not good enough to survive without their help. Start training for the fight now with good nutrition, proper rest and exercise and last but not least, keeping your Nerve System strong and clear. Keep calm, your Chiropractor believes in you.

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