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Plaque And Subluxations

Plaque and Subluxations


If you eat, you’re going to develop plaque on your teeth – it’s inevitable. But if you brush regularly, you can keep the plaque from building up… thus avoiding the formation of cavities and decay that result from neglect.

Likewise if you move, you’re going to develop subluxations in your spine – it’s inevitable. But if you get checked and adjusted regularly, you can keep the spinal fixations from setting up… thus avoiding abnormal nerve tension and the spinal degeneration that also comes from neglect.

Whether you like it or not, plaque and subluxations happen – it comes with being human. The only other options to avoid them are to not eat or move. But what kind of existence would that be? It’s better to keep these byproducts of Living in check with regular, professional maintenance care.

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