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Do You Need To Supplement With Vitamin D3?

Do you need to supplement with Vitamin D3?


The short answer is yes. But why?


Vitamin D is an essential nutrient and our body has to have it to function properly.

Vitamin D is required for bone health but is also used in the brain, heart, pancreas, breast, prostate, lymphocytes and other tissues.

The only way our body makes vitamin D is through sunlight exposer. In northern climates like ours we don’t get enough exposure to make enough Vitamin D. Studies show 60% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D increases the activity of immune cells that are first responders to viruses, bacteria and fungi. This makes it essential in keeping you healthy.

A study published in Epidemiology and Infection in 2007 showed 800 IU/day of Vitamin D reduced the incidence of colds and flu by 70%. The group taking 2000 IU/day were reduced by almost 100%. (only 1 in 104 got the flu).

Studies have shown improvements in chronic inflammation. Spine 2003 published that 83% of patients with low back pain had low Vitamin D levels. Multiple studies show improvement in Fibromyalgia pain. Patients with depression had significant improvement.

Due to its effect on underlying processes it may take months to see changes.

Experts recommend 3000 – 4000 IU/day for sufficiency.


• You have to supplement to get enough Vitamin D
• It is the exact same form of Vitamin D your body makes meaning it is Vitamin D3
• Vitamin D is fat soluble and should be delivered in healthy oil. Innate Choice Vitamin D is delivered in organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
• It is natural Vitamin D made from lanolin, not a synthetic form made in a lab.

Stop in our office to purchase Innate Choice Vitamin D3.

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