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Eat Real Food!

There are major incentives to center your diet on real foods as opposed to “food-like” products, the primary one being that real food is essential for optimal health. Real Foods also taste delicious, and when bought from sustainable sources, help protect the environment. But how can you tell the difference? Here’s a listing of the characteristics and traits of real food versus processed “food products.”

Real Food:

  • It’s grown, and sold “whole”
  • Variable quality
  • Spoils fast
  • Requires preperation
  • Vibrant colors and rich textures
  • Authentically flavorful
  • Strong connection to land and culture

Processed Food-Like Products

  • Produced, manufactured in a factory, and sold in neat, convenient packages
  • Always the same (no quality or taste variance)
  • Stays “fresh” for extended periods of time
  • No preparation required, just heat and serve
  • Contains fillers, additives and preservatives to make otherwise dull and bland mixtures appetizing
  • Artificially flavorful
  • No connection to land or culture


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