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Once You Go

Fresh motor oil
Fresh motor oil

One of the most misunderstood beliefs about chiropractic is that once you start, you have to go forever. It’s true, many Chiropractic clients choose to continue care on a regular wellness basis after experiencing great results, but they do so simply because it makes sense – the body functions better without nerve interference.

Here are some other things that you don’t have to do for the rest of your Life, but also make good sense… brushing your teeth, going to the gym, taking your vitamins, eating your veggies, changing the oil in your car or saving for retirement. Somewhere along the road, you discovered on your own accord that these activities ADD to your Life as opposed to subtract from it, and it’s the same for clients who choose to get adjusted for maintenance.

No one can make you do something you don’t want to. Just like regular car tune ups or staying physically fit, the choice to keep your spine and nerve system free from damaging stress for the rest of your Life is totally yours… as are the benefits if you do and the consequences if you don’t.

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