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Quantity Counts

Quantity Counts

A glass of water can put out a flame, but it won’t put out a raging forest fire – right idea, but it’s lacking in appropriate quantity.  The  same can be said for results and Chiropractic care.

The purpose of multiple adjustments is to keep your nerve system ‘clear’ long enough for your body to grow into a new, healthier state.  For many (especially if you suffer will long standing, chronic health issues) that means frequent sessions to assure your innate  intelligence has unrestricted nerve pathways and the proper TIME required to accomplish the healing.  Note, adjustments don’t get you well… it’s the time you remain subluxation free that does.

One day at the gym won’t turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger and a single Paleo meal won’t make you skinny.  Exercise and proper  nutrition can get you healthy, but they need to be repeated regularly to see real change.  Likewise, desired Chiropractic results come from time, repetition and a sustained clear nerve system. One and done usually doesn’t do…

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